Setting Up An ETrade Online Account

A U.S.-based financial services company, ETrade Financial Corporation or ETrade is headquartered in New York. ETrade is a holding company, whose major business is online discount stock brokerage service for self-directed investors. Investors can buy and sell securities like bonds, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, options, and stocks through the phone or electronic trading platforms. ETrade Financial also offers banking products focused on the investors, mainly savings products and sweep deposits, to retail investors.

ETrade Financial works directly and via many subsidiaries, many of which are overseen by governmental and self-regulatory organizations. The important significant subsidiaries are ETrade Bank, ETrade Securities LLC, ETrade Clearing LLC, and G1 Execution Services, LLC.

Hence, if you want to have an ETrade online account and you would need an online ETrade login, what is required from you is a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device that has a safe and secure Internet connection. You also need a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. For sure, with just these tools, you will quickly get your ETrade login com.

One of the advantages with having an login is that it can be opened in all web browser programs. Then, you can use this login to perform investing and trading and to check and monitor your transactions.

Found below are the procedures and pictures to guide you in setting up your own account.

• Open a web browser program and go to the ETrade home page at Click on the “Open An Account” green button on the right side of the webpage.

etrade log on

• It may happen that the webpage you load will not look like it does in the picture above. Yet, you should still look for the “Open An Account” button on the webpage and click on it. You can also go directly to so you do not have to go to the ETrade homepage.

• You should also take into account that you might see another person’s and not the picture of the previous webpage like above. In these occurrences, you should first sign out. Then, just reload the page. If it occurs that the page is still not showing up on the screen, you should just delete the cache, cookies, and/or passwords from the web browser program opened to you. If you still cannot find the webpage with its attached links, close your current web browser program and open the ETrade webpage on a new web browser.

• Once it has finished loading, tick the radio button that is applicable to you: Brokerage Account, Rollover IRA, ETrade One Stop Rollover IRA, Traditional IRA or Roth IRA. In this example, let us choose Brokerage Account. Click the green “Continue” button when you are done choosing.

etrade login

• Next, select your Account Type, whether it may be an Individual account, a Joint account, or a Custodial Account. Fill in whether you are a new or existing ETrade customer. Lastly, include your Primary Account Holder Contact Information such as your Prefix, First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Suffix, and Email Address. Under the Primary Account Holder Contact Information, it is required that you include your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.


• Afterwards, put in your Personal Information—all of these fields are required. ETrade would need your Primary Account Holder Home Address, which includes your Permanent Street Address, City, State, Zip, and Country; your Primary Account Holder Phone Number, Primary Account Holder Tax Information, which is your Social Security Number, your Country of Legal Residence; your Marital Status; your Number of Dependents; your Date of Birth; your Employment Information, which includes your Occupation and your Employer’s Name and Address; your Investment Profile, which is your Annual Income, Liquid Net Worth, and Total Net Worth; your Investment Activity, such as your primary plan for using the account, your investment objective for using the account, your investment experience, and your frequency of trade; and trading authorization over the account. Once you are done filling in these fields, click on the green “Continue” button.

etrade login com

• Once done, you are required to set up your account and confirm and submit the details you have just entered in the registration process. So now, congratulations are in order. You have an ETrade login!

Notably, ETrade got five stars and was no. 1 overall in the 2011 Online Broker Review. In 2012, ETrade got five stars and finished second among other best in class finishes. In 2013, ETrade was still in second place, also earning four stars, Best Client Dashboard, and Best Smartphone App. In 2014, ETrade was at 4th place, but they got a four and a half star rating and won 1st place in Smartphone App as well as 1st place in Client Dashboard.

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